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So you have your Learner’s Permit or Overseas Licence to Convert and now you are keen to start driving. It is important to get as much practice as possible and in all types of weather and road conditions. Your Log Book within the Driving Companion outlines that at least 75 hours be also met. Moreover, You need to do the Vehicle On Road Test Assessment test to gain your P Plates and Provisional Licence. Your mum and dads car is new and they feel weary about you hopping in to drive? Maybe they can find it hard to make time? The solution is to find a win-win for all. It’s not uncommon that Learner Drivers can find it hard to get out there on the road and begin learning. Here is one way you may like to propose back in return:

Make a deal with them! Propose to exchange their time and use of car for Your time in washing and cleaning their car for them in return.

In South Australia, generally each driving lesson only runs for one hour. We offer more! For better learning outcomes and grasp of training we provide the best time length for each Lesson. That is 90 minute sessions, starting at an arranged location. The Bookings with the Driving Instructor.

This depends on the individual. To get you up and running by our high level of training, we find that with up to 5 driving session lessons gives enough to be on your way. That is a great start with our expert driving lessons.

We suggest, then gain extensive driving experience with your parents, different learning abilities, or greater confidence all impact on the number of lessons required. Our instructors tailor every lesson to the student. They will let you know how you’re going. Though, as a rule of thumb, a complete beginner can be taught to drive with 10 hours as pre-driving test lessons. To be on your way is a great start with these quality driving lessons.

Most vehicles sold these days are automatic. This said, for many reasons an automatic vehicle is a more popular purchase, mostly due to driver comfort and ease of movement through urban and city driving environments. An automatic car is much easier to drive, as it has no pedal to use for a clutch and gear changing to also deal with while driving. It is also very probable that learning to drive in an automatic vehicle, that you may not need as many driving sessions.

You can see on link, that your Driving Instructor will book your Vehicle On Road Test (VORT) Licence test once he or she together with you as the Learner, feel that you have reached the required level of competency in driving attainment to pass. In South Australia, certifying Assessors charge a booking fee for each Assessment. You will be familiar with our vehicle and the Assessment is arranged so you undertake the assessment with the use of the driving school safety fitted vehicle that you have learnt in. When you purchase a Vort Pack, it will be all inclusive of the VORT Driver Test and the fee for the Assessor and then once you pass, at Services SA there is also application and registration of the new Probationary Licence.

We see loads of students every week enroll with us. Many have paid for 7,8,10 even14 lessons elsewhere, or they thought they were having driving lessons…
However once they start their Driving lesson sessions or their Driving Test training with us, Students soon see that they were given little to very poor driving instructions to achieve meeting the Govt Standards, which is what the Examiner in the Driving Test assesses for. See link for competitive rates. Contact Us Ph or Txt 0419714199
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