Prepare to Pass

Same Day Pre-Test Training & Test

5 low-speed manoeuvres
  • 3-point turn
  • Reverse parallel park
  • U-turn
  • Angle park
  • Moving off from parking
General driving
  • Turning left & right onto busy roads
  • Driving along narrow streets
  • Various turning at traffic lights
  • Negotiating roundabouts
  • Gain full Test training.
  • Where not as hectic with traffic conditions to train.
  • Become familiar with Driving Test & conditions.
  • Mock test train. 
  • Proven success over many years, High 1st time pass rate.
  •  Save loads of time and money.
  • All Lessons come with huge value added & off-set with EXTRA BONUSES: You will also get for FREE* our exclusive Practice To Lesson Notes, covering required procedures, from our  “Online Lessons” tab, sold around Australia (RRP $75-$135) per each training hour booked-in for Free*.

Booking Options

A: Online Payment

STEP 1: Click on the selected product add to cart button.

STEP 2: Fill out the form and insert your details.

STEP 3: Pay online payment via credit card, debit card or master card.

Credit Card:  Request Payment Link via Paypal incur 2.7% + $0.30 per amount transaction fee. Terms and Conditions apply.

B: Bank Transfer

STEP 1: From your Bank Acc do the transfer of Lesson amount to our Account Name: Prepare To Pass. Commonwealth Bank Aust into Acc: BSB: 065-124 Acc: 10362978 Make transfer description Student First & Surname.

STEP 2: SMS to our mobile 0419 714 199 Student’s Name and Mobile Number, along with a Screenshot of  completed Receipt of Transfer & also photo of Learners Permit or Temporary Driving Permit.

STEP 3: Confirm how many Test Lesson Classes you are taking, or Book-in as you go.

We’ll then be in touch to Book your Schedule to suit your availability and ours in the coming days (not months).

Recommendation Guide: if 75+ hrs completed & had 4 – 6 professional lessons in past 6 months, learnt how to apply all 5 test maneuvers competently, Ability to understand & cope with Instructor training, have a very good awareness of applying the road laws and have good confidence in driving a motor vehicle. ( If not, we encourage students not to rush, instead gain specialised pre-test training lessons with us to cover).

Bonus Extras: Fast Track include Free* Practice-to Lesson Notes, (1 per training hour) See “Online Lessons” tab here on website, sold Aust-Wide rrp $75-$135 ech for FREE*

NOTE: We encourage take personal breaks. Student & Instructor may choose to have a personal break anytime throughout, for any reason.

NOTE: Govt Dept requires min of 3 clear days to book-in.

Advise us this choice of Test/Lesson Pack required. We’ll then be in touch to Book your Schedule in coming days (not months).

Note: Learner Permit or overseas conversion students, your Temporary Permit & (Photo i.d ie:Proof of Age or Passport) Both types of Permits must be carried whilst driving. Instructors and Examiner safety fitted automatic vehicles are also included in all packs. Where balance due, bring along payable at start of Session. Must wear enclosed shoes.