Prepare to Pass

Super VORT Same Day 2 Hours

$750.00 Total. To confirm Deposit to $450:00 Balance on day at start bring $300.00



Same Day Specialised 2 Hr Pre Test Training & Do Test:

Recommendation Guide: If completed 75+ hrs & had 3–5 professional lessons, learnt how to apply all test maneuvers, in past 3-6 mths. Ability to understand & cope with Instructor training, have good awareness of applying road laws and confidence in driving a motor vehicle. (If not we encourage students not to rush, instead take some of our specialised training for Test).

Paypal incur 2.7% + $0.30 per amount transaction fee. Terms and Conditions apply.

Bank Transfer

STEP 1: From your Bank account do the transfer of the Lesson amount to our Account Name: Prepare To Pass. Commonwealth Bank Aust into Acc: BSB: 065-124 Acc: 10362978 Make transfer description Student First & Surname.

STEP 2: SMS to our mobile 0419 714 199 Student’s Name and Mobile Number, along with a Screenshot of  completed Receipt of Transfer & also photo of the Learners Permit or Temporary Driving Permit.

STEP 3: Confirm this Pre-Test Lesson Class you are taking..

We’ll then be in touch to Book your Schedule to suit your availability and ours in the coming days (not months).