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How Many Driving Lessons Are Recommended to Pass the VORT Test?



Learning to drive is an exciting experience for any teenager, but it can also be a nerve-wracking process full of tests. One of the methods of obtaining your P1 Provisional Licence in South Australia is passing the Vehicle on Road Test, also known as the VORT. Administered by the Department of Transport in South Australia, the VORT is a practical driving test that assesses whether you have developed the skills and knowledge to safely drive on the roads. Undertaking driving lessons with a qualified driving school can help you to develop these skills and knowledge based on the standards and expectations of the VORT. But you may be wondering, how many lessons should you take to pass the VORT? Continue reading to explore what you should consider when determining the number of driving lessons you will undertake, as well as how to best utilise your scheduled driving lessons.



Requirements to Pass VORT


If you have chosen to pursue the VORT method to obtain P1 Provisional Licence, the requirements to obtain your licence are:

  • 75 hours of supervised driving with a qualified supervising driver, including 15 hours at night
  • Successfully undertake the VORT (practical driving test)
  • Pass a Hazard Perception Test at ServicesSA,
  • Have been on your Learners Permit for 12 months, for over 25 year old, 6 months.
  • You do not need to wait the period to sit for your Vort Test, you can sit for the Vort anytime, however you will still need to meet all of the above required qualifications points to attain your Provisional Licence or P Plates.


The VORT will see you undertake a 45-minute drive with a qualified VORT motor driving examiner who will mark you against the standardised VORT recording sheet. This marks you on your abilities to drive in general traffic as well as complete these five key manoeuvres:


  1. 3-point turn: A 3-point turn is a manoeuvre used to turn a vehicle around in a narrow street or a dead-end road. It is performed by utilising both the drive and reverse gears to turn the car to face the opposite direction in three movements.
  2. Reverse parallel park: A reverse parallel park is a manoeuvre used to park a vehicle parallel to the curb on the left-hand side of the road. This can be utilised on both an empty road as well as to park between two cars.
  3. U-turn: A U-turn is a manoeuvre used to turn a vehicle around in a wide street or intersection.
  4. Angle parking: An angle park is a type of parking where the vehicle is parked at an angle to the curb.
  5. Moving off from parking on a hill: Moving off from parking on a hill requires the driver to use the handbrake or parking brake to prevent the car from rolling backward whilst taking off on a hill and or, Moving off from a curb.

To pass the VORT, you must achieve a general drive score of 90% or more, complete these five manoeuvres, and not break any road laws whilst driving. With numerous skills to master as well as learning the ins and outs of general driving, it can be advantageous to book driving lessons with a qualified South Australia driving school so you can learn the correct road rules and all of the manoeuvres.

How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need to Take to Pass My VORT?

Unlike many other states and territories in Australia, the VORT method of obtaining your P1 Provisional Licence does not require you to undertake mandatory lessons with a driving instructor. However, all learner drivers are still recommended to attend at least 7 – 10 driving lessons before attempting the VORT. This will ensure you have developed the appropriate levels of skills, knowledge, and confidence to safely operate a vehicle on the roads with other drivers.

Seven to ten driving lessons may not be suitable for all drivers, with some learners requiring more lessons. Many factors can affect how much time you need to spend learning with a driving instructor, such as:

  • Previous experience: if you have held a licence before, your previous experience means you will likely already have many of the skills and knowledge of operating a vehicle that a complete beginner does not
  • Age: younger drivers have less experience driving and may need more time and assistance to develop these skills
  • Confidence Levels: much like other skills, some people will pick up driving easier than others. For those with lower confidence levels behind the wheel, more time with a driving instructor can help you feel more confident.
  • Type of Vehicle: learning how to drive an automatic car can be a lot easier than learning to drive a manual car, where you have to master the clutch and gears


How to Best Utilise Your Driving Lessons


No matter how many driving lessons you decide to take, you must utilise your time with a qualified driving instructor to ensure you have developed the correct skills and knowledge that meet the Department of Transport’s standards.

How to Make Sure the Adelaide Driving Lessons Will Work for You?

Driving Schools

In Adelaide AU, there are many driving schools that provide a variety of driving packages to aspiring drivers. How do you know which among them give better Adelaide driving lessons? How do you assess your learnings?

You should ascertain to deal with a good Adelaide driving school to make sure you also get the best driving lessons while at it. This is one of the top secrets to making the Adelaide driving lessons work for you. Discover if the school has a good reputation to producing good drivers. Just by doing so, you’ll be able to tell the quality of education they provide. It is advisable too to choose a school with a well-balanced teacher-student ratio, because the fewer the students within a driving class, the better attention each one can obtain.

Also, the driving lesson schedule should be fit to you. Since you don’t have all the time to devote to the driving lessons, the schedule should be well-planned according to your availability and to the time convenient to you. There are reputable Adelaide driving schools around that offer various day schedules to accommodate students with different time constraints. For example, if you’re working during the day, there are available evening Adelaide driving classes to suit your time.

Affordable Driving Lessons

Feeling comfortable and relaxed with your instructor also helps in getting the most out of your Adelaide driving lessons. Aside from being excellent in teaching, the instructor should be encouraging and not intimidating and impatient of any sort to not scare and dissuade the students.