Prepare to Pass

Terms & Conditions

It will be agreed by all Purchasers, Students or any other third party, all of the following as all set out and herein. Prices may vary from time to time and without notice and appear on this website. (*) means Free* Terms & Conditions apply.

All Lesson & Pre Test Lessons & Test Packs, as purchased will include in the Purchase & training curriculum “bundled into pricing” Free* our detailed “practice-to” driving-lessons notes, sent via WhatsApp and are subject to Copyright – Intellectual Information, from our “online lessons” tab on our website, sold online around Australia. (minimum of one (1) Practice Lesson Note per 60 minute per each training hour lesson booking, either pre paid or in advance of payment – (They are detailed and illustrated Lesson Notes which retail for, between $75 to $135 each) any  “practice-to” Driving Lesson Notes sent will not remain free* as they have been provided by us, and  therefore shall become payable at retail online prices shown and deducted from advance payments, and or Invoiced from any amount outstanding, either in singular or multiple Lesson or Pre-Test Lesson Test Packs, if any cancellations are made, by any parties to this agreement, for any reason(s), as the Pre-Test Lesson Notes can not be unsent.

Notices Required: For Bookings made – All cancellation and or reschedule, non attendance: All bookings (reservations), for:

(1) Same Day pre-test driving lesson and Driving Test Pack bookings, we require & are subject to a minimum of 5 days notice be given prior to date booked in for. If not, No Refunds will be apply together with any balance outstanding remain payable until paid.

(2) For all other type of driving lesson bookings, they are subject to and we require a minimum of 48 hours Notice be given from the booking date to try and replace bookings reserved.

All cancellations, no show and reschedule bookings the above required notice times will apply, if not, and otherwise, it will agreed by the purchaser and any other third party that full forfeiture of all money paid for that booking reservation will be applied, no refunds will be applied and or an Invoice made for immediate payment of any outstanding balances of booking cancellation which must be paid before any further Bookings are accepted, along with deductions made for Lesson or Pre-Test Driving Lesson Practice Notes sent to student, where it has also formed part of purchase and pricing of a bundled package structure. 

Unfortunately we can not book two students in at one time, other Students have had to take alternative diary times, due to bookings made.
All Students and or any other Third Party will Hold Harmless all staff of and Cartre Pty Ltd trading as Prepare To Pass Driving School. All Students will be liable for any Driving Infringement Notice incurred whilst Student drives driving school vehicle belonging to Cartre Pty Ltd..

Whilst in Driving Classes  we reserve the right to terminate a lesson or any future lessons scheduled, if the behavior of the Student/Driver warrants so, for example:  failing to comply with Driving Instructors, shows reckless and dangerous behavior, demonstrates to be medically, physically or psychologically unstable to drive in a normal capacity, or suspected of being affected by drugs or alcohol, therefore Instructor will deem unfit to drive the motor vehicle. In these situations the Lesson will be abandoned and no refund is applicable, or full monies of any outstanding is required to be paid.

When Learner/Students are using Instructor’s or Examiner’s vehicle for any driving lesson or assessment the learner/student will be responsible for the cost of any repairs relating to damage caused, or the insurance applicable.

Learner/Student drivers accept that Prepare To Pass Driving School may collect and use Learner/Student Driver information and personal data, including photographs, for marketing purposes.

Driving Test: Authorised Examiners used for testing are independent of the company. We therefore accept no responsibility for the outcome of any driving assessment.

Whilst every care is taken to attend Bookings on time, (traffic conditions may vary due to roadworks or accidents on the way – these unknown factors may cause some lateness)  however, If for any reason the Instructor can not attend a Booking at all, or for any other reason,  a reschedule of a new booking to replace that Booking will apply.