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  • Every week Students attend Prepare To Pass Driving School, having done 3,5,7,10 Driving Lessons elsewhere, at least they thought they were!! Something was not right. They looked for far better Driving Instructors and found Prepare to Pass Driving School. They quickly saw the huge difference immediately, by the quality and the detail provided in driving classes.
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  • See loads of Students testimonial Videos on youtube Page “prepare to pass driving school” 
  •  In a case study; Jacob came from Morphett Vale to attend pre test driver training: Jacob said “Ive learnt more here in a 90 minute lesson, than what I did in over 40 lessons at a previous driving school” Jacob went on to easily pass after coming to seek our training. 
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  • Motivated Students want to find a good Driving Instructor.
  •  Learner Drivers and overseas Licence Conversion Permit holders needing to fulfil their preparation and training for the Driving Test or convert their Licence economically, saving time and money, discover how to drive a car efficiently through quality training with best lessons they can find. As you  see students above in video reviews, after their lessons give you their own feedback…Pre-Vort Driving Test Lessons with the highly acclaimed  Prepare To Pass Driving School
  • To Pass reasonably quickly, what’s needed are On-Road Driver training. By this, we suggest taking some expert Pre Vort Test Lessons at Prepare To Pass Driving School.
  • The VORT Method is  a Vehicle On Road Test will go up to One hour.
  • Even Students with no previous driving lessons, Students can efficiently Pass with 10 hours of driving lesson sessions at Prepare To Pass Driving School, relying on just how much previous driving time they have actually recorded 75 hours or more in logbook hours and driving experience. Time smart this could take 2-4 weeks based on individuals time available too. If about 60 hours, Our Experience has shown that 11 to 12 hours of driver training Students are just as prepared well. If under sixty hours of driving time experience, then a few more hours are most recommended, the lower the driving experience in your logbook, then the more driving lessons assist best. The last driving session in our on road driver training packs are done on same day as the VORT and also is directly before the
  • Examination, as a final warm up.
  • To assist you make reserving for Driving Practice & Vort Test call us Prepare To Pass Driving School
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