Why Choose Prepare to Pass Driving School

What Prepare to Pass Driving School Provides

Prepare to Pass Driving School provides comprehensive courses, lessons, and training for drivers in the greater metropolitan suburb area of South Australia. Prepare to Pass is one of the fastest growing Australian national driving schools and have helped loads of Learner students and overseas licence conversion drivers to pass their full licence  vort test with less hassle. When you enroll and learn to drive in a driving school, you can be confident that you will receive the most reliable and professional service that you deserve. The instructors are professionals that have extensive training and experience in driving a car. The instructors in this school are trained to deliver service to the highest standards.


Working from the learner’s permit, to P1 to P2 and full licence is not easy. But, once you get your full licence, you can get that independence and freedom that you are looking for. However, everything starts from learning how to drive properly, safely, and taking greater responsibility. Prepare to Pass Driving School set out to make any driver’s experience fun and exciting. Learning how to drive properly is a serious topic, but it doesn’t mean that it can never be fun.


Prepare to Pass professional driving instructors are dedicated to work with you to help you develop the important driving skills and eradicate bad driving habits. You’ll obtain that confidence and skills that you need to drive safely regardless of the traffic conditions.

Finally, since Prepare to Pass is a recognized driving school in Adelaide South Australia, getting you from your  learners permit, to P’s, or full driving licence is easy. Through intensive training techniques you learn quicker and save time and money.