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Expert "Driving Test" Instructor Lessons.

A Guide to Booking and Preparing for the VORT Test

Introduction   In South Australia, the Vehicle On Road Test (VORT) is the practical driving exam that learner drivers must pass to obtain their provisional driver’s license. This comprehensive assessment evaluates a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle on public roads, ensuring that all drivers on the road are competent and capable of driving […]



In South Australia, the Vehicle On Road Test (VORT) is the practical driving exam that learner drivers must pass to obtain their provisional driver’s license. This comprehensive assessment evaluates a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle on public roads, ensuring that all drivers on the road are competent and capable of driving safely.


Preparation is paramount when it comes to taking the VORT. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the test requirements, including the specific criteria and skills evaluated during the exam. This allows you to focus your preparation efforts on areas that require improvement. Additionally, booking your VORT test in advance is vital to secure your preferred date and time, avoiding unnecessary delays and ensuring you have time to practice and refine your driving abilities.


In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to find a good driving instructor in Adelaide, as well as the steps you need to take to get a driving license in South Australia. Whether you are a new driver or looking to upgrade your license, this article will provide you with the information you need to get started.

Understand the VORT Test


The VORT is a comprehensive driving practical test, that assesses your ability to drive safely on public road. It covers a range of driving skills including low speed manoeuvring and navigating a general driving route. It’s crucial to understand the VORT test criteria and what the examiner will be looking for during the test.


The VORT test criteria in South Australia include vehicle control, observation, and hazard perception. You will need to demonstrate your ability to control the vehicle smoothly and safely, observe traffic and road conditions and respond appropriately to potential hazards. The hazard perception criterion of the VORT test evaluates your ability to recognize and respond appropriately to potential hazards on the road. This includes hazards such as other vehicles, pedestrians, animals, and unexpected situations like changes in traffic flow or road conditions. You will need to demonstrate your ability to identify potential hazards and respond appropriately through actions such as adjusting your speed, signalling, and taking evasive action when necessary. In addition to this, you will also be required to demonstrate five, slow-speed manoeuvres. A qualified driving instructor can help you understand the test criteria and provide you with tips to pass your driving test in South Australia.


Find an Accredited VORT Instructor


When it comes to preparing for the VORT test, choosing an accredited instructor is paramount. There are many VORT driving instructors in Adelaide, but not all are created equal. Opting for an accredited instructor ensures that you receive the highest quality of instruction and guidance. An accredited instructor possesses the necessary expertise and knowledge to guide you through the test requirements and help you develop the skills needed to succeed. Accredited instructors have undergone rigorous training and have demonstrated their proficiency in assessing driving skills. They are equipped with up-to-date knowledge of road rules, regulations, and test procedures, giving you the best chance at passing first time. When evaluating the reputation and credibility of providers, consider reading reviews and testimonials from previous students. A reputable provider will have both negative and positive feedback to take on board as part of your learning outcome and a track record of successful outcomes. Additionally, check if the provider offers a structured and comprehensive program that covers all aspects of the test. It’s also beneficial to inquire about the instructor’s experience, their pass rates and any additional support or resources they provide to help you prepare effectively.


Contact Your VORT Instructor and Schedule Pre-Test Training, a Test Date and Time


It is quite a simple process to schedule your VORT Test. In South Australia, qualified driving instructors are responsible for both your driving training as well as scheduling your VORT test with a certified examiner. These examiners are certified by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport to administer VORT test. When you qualify to complete your VORT test, contact your driving instructor with your preferred days and times of training and also to complete the test. When choosing a suitable date and time for the test, your Instructor ill consider factors such as your level of preparedness and availability. Choose a date when you feel confident in your driving skills and have had enough practice. Additionally, consider your personal schedule and commitments to find a time slot that works best for you. Once you have given the driving instructor all of the required information, they will liase with the examiner to organise your driving test also.



Prepare for the VORT Test


To best prepare for the VORT test, it is crucial to focus on practicing driving skills and familiarizing yourself with the specific requirements of the test. Regular practice allows you to build confidence, improve your vehicle control and enhance your overall driving abilities. Familiarize yourself with the road rules, traffic signs, and safe driving practices that will be assessed during the test. If you feel the need for additional guidance and instruction, it may be beneficial to seek professional assistance and enrol in a driving course. Professional instructors can provide valuable insights, offer constructive feedback, and help you fine-tune your driving skills. They can also guide you through the specific requirements of the VORT test and offer targeted practice sessions to address any areas of weakness.


In addition to practicing and understanding the test criteria, there are a few general tips you should follow before taking your VORT. Getting plenty of rest the night before your VORT is important to ensure you are alert and focused during the test. Eating a healthy breakfast can also give you the energy you need to perform well. Creating a comprehensive before driving checklist is an essential part of preparing for your driving test in South Australia. This checklist serves as a reminder to cover all the necessary aspects before starting your journey. Remember that the VORT is designed to evaluate your driving skills and help you become a safe and responsible driver.




Booking a VORT test involves a series of key steps that are essential for a smooth and successful experience. Firstly, ensure you are well-prepared and organized by familiarizing yourself with the requirements and regulations of the test. Contact the VORT Instructor directly to obtain accurate information and clarify any queries. Select suitable dates and times for all your pre-test training and your test, considering your readiness and availability. Plan ahead and book your test well in advance to secure your preferred slot. By following these steps, you will increase your chances of success in the VORT test. Remember to stay focused, confident and calm during the test and trust in the preparation you have undertaken.


Take the next step towards your goals by booking a driving lesson with Prepare to Pass. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you master the skills and knowledge needed to get your licence. Benefit from our tailored guidance, comprehensive practice sessions and insider tips to maximize your chances of success. Don’t leave your results to chance, invest in professional instruction and drive your way to success. Book your driving lessons with Prepare to Pass today and embark on a journey towards becoming a skilled and responsible driver.

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