To get a driver licence in South Australia seem straight forward. You just need to get a Learners permit and accomplish it. Take and pass a driving examination. Pass the exam for road signs and major traffic rules, and practice driving. But, there are more things that you need to consider before you can get a driver’s licence in South Australia. Primarily, in Australia, you need to drive on the left of 2-way roads. In Australia, new drivers between ages 16 and 24 are not aware of the rules and laws of the road and may also get involved in a serious road crash.

Driving requires enough knowledge and skills that are not inherent to people during their teenage years. Therefore, learning from an authoritative source makes sense. The best way to get a driver licence in South Australia if you’re a teen is to take driving lessons from a reputable driving school.


images28You can expect things to be easier when you enrolled with a driving school. There is much to learn and professional driving instructors guide teens to learn new skills by practicing repeatedly. A good driving school has instructors that will provide you with quality training and instructions including demonstrations, together with honest feedback about your driving skills and on work on areas for improvement. They will have you practice for proper techniques until bad driving habits are eradicated.

Finally, enrolling to a reputable driving school in SA such as Prepare to Pass Driving School makes it easier for you to get a driver licence. The school will provide you a recommendation for Australia driving test, including the Examiner and VORT Station where you will undertake the Test, making things easier for you.