When you get a P1 provisional licence, you’ll have the freedom to drive independently and apply the skills that you have learned from a driving school without the supervision of a driving instructor. However, you need to make sure that you have put on your P-Plate on your car and follow the rules and laws of the road as well as the P1 rules, or you will lose your license and get disqualified.

A P1 provisional licence, you are only allowed to drive the class of car stated in the license. You need to carry your P1 license at all times when driving. Also, drivers under 25 years old are not allowed to drive high powered cards, unless you have a certificate for exemption.


Additional laws that apply to P1 provisional licence include putting on your P plate. Your P plate must be displayed at the front and the rear of the car. It should be clearly and visibly seen, so other drivers are aware that you have P1 license. If you under 25 years old, you are not allowed to drive between midnight and 5am. Also, you must not more than one passenger with age between 16 and 20 years old.


In the event that you’re disqualified to driving, you must re-apply for P1 provisional licence. If you return to provisional stage, you need to hold your P’s for the period of three years. This is a long wait, so you need to follow the rules of P1 if you’re serious about getting the complete independence and freedom in driving.