VORT (Vehicle on the Road Test)

What price would you put on, as an investment in yourself, son or daughter, on knowing how to become an efficient and safe driver for years to come?

Want to drive and be the best driver on the road? Before you can do that, you need to learn how to drive and then pass the vehicle on-road test (VORT) first. This is an exam you need to pass in achieving your provincial license. How much would VORT cost you? Let’s see.


VORT (Vehicle On Road Test) is an examination aimed to test knowledge and skills as a driver. It is geared to find out if you are skilled and competent enough for safe driving on the road. The test takes around 50 to 60 minutes and administered by a licensed motor-driving instructor. During the exam, you will be asked to demonstrate your skills in 5 low speed maneuvers as well as general drive. Low speed maneuvers include Reverse Parking, a type of U-turn depending on the road you are on, as these can vary and are particular to the road , Angle park, Three Point Turn and other driving skills you will need to be careful about. General drive will test how well your skills are in changing lanes, turning on and around corners, on to busy roads, both left and right, turning at traffic lights, the system of car control is important, as well as how you interact with other vehicle users. To pass the VORT, you need an average of 90% or more out of 100% efficiency. If you pass, the Examiner booked for you will grant you a Certificate of Competency.



VORT Test Cost

Now, for your on-road driving instructor, it is your job to choose the right one. VORT instructors/ examiners are required to show their instructor’s license while they conduct your test. But if they don’t, there is nothing wrong in asking about them. You should always ask if your instructor is entitled to conduct your training. It is important that you do so. If the instructor is not entitled, then whatever the result of your VORT will not be honored and you will not be able to acquire your P1 license much less your full license.


In Australia, it is standard that you have to pay for an annual license fee which increase from time to time by the State Govt, for administration fee. The cost of VORT, however, is often set by your driving instructor. The rates of the test vary, but you can expect it to be around $200 to $250 or so.